Our Story

The founder and CEO of iCafe, Mr. Steven Ma is a true coffee lover who exposes himself to different coffee cultures around the world. He is keen to source quality coffee beans and products for all coffee lovers.

With his enthusiasm in coffee culture, the brand iCafe was born in 2018. Since then, Mr. Steven Ma and his team have never stopped in searching for coffee beans with unique taste and aroma from around the world. He could never forget the impression when he first tasted the specialty coffee from Medellin in Colombia.  The aroma was extremely complicated but balanced and therefore was unforgettable.  This experience led to the born of our signature product - Medellin, Colombia Drip Bag Coffee.


As true coffee lovers, we wish to share with you all the enjoyment and unique experiences through our carefully selected and produced coffee products.

We select only the best coffee beans from around the world.  We tend to highlight their unique flavor and aroma to all coffee lovers. 

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