#iCafe's Story

Since 2018, iCafe is continuously searching the finest coffee around the world.  The founder and CEO, Mr. Steven Ma, thinks that coffee is an art and every single person should have their own preference of this art.  As an professional coffee trainer, Mr. Steven Ma has tasted multiple coffee beans, however he will never forget the first impression of the specialty coffee from Medellin in Colombia, it was unforgettable as the aroma was extremely complicated but balanced. 

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iCafe's CEO, Mr. Steven Ma, shows us how to brew drip bag coffee!

  • iCafe as the First Mover

    Drip Bag Coffee filled with Specialty Coffee.

  • High Quality, Single Origin

    We promise each of our specialty coffee is imported from a single origin high quality coffee farm.

  • Unique and Unforgettable Aroma

    Great coffee takes many forms. There is no one profile that we’re after, but we want every coffee to be delicious and, at times, provocative and unexpected.